The Fun | Focus | Play® Training System

It is not uncommon for adorable and gentle puppies to turn into a Rogue and Delinquent Rebels as soon as they hit the adolescent teenage dog phase. 

To have your seemingly Perfect Rescue Dog suddenly turn into a Wild and Untamed Wolf, as he finds his feet in your home. 

Perhaps your Puppy is a  Shrinking Violet lacking in confidence and hiding from everything and every one, growling as soon as anyone comes near her and you are worried that she is going to grow up into a fearfully reactive pooch.

Or maybe your Rogue Scoundrel of an adult dog simply does whatever he likes no matter how loud you are yelling at him, and, you fear there is nothing that you can do about this behaviour. That your dog is destined to stay a Rogue Delinquent Scoundrel forever no matter what you try to do to change his behaviour.

I am here with some good news, you can change your dog’s behaviour!

 It doesn’t matter whether your dog is young puppy or an older dog that has just joined your home. Or maybe the problems started small but have now developed into a major headache and you have no idea how to handle and improve the situation.

With my help, you too can utilise the 3 decades of experience I bring to training your dog in a way that is fun for you and your dog, using a method that is Kind and Effective and which I have developed over the last 30 years of owning and training dogs.  

The Fun | Focus | Play® Training System is not a quick fix. I have no magic wand that can make your puppy behave and perform for you like a puppet on a string.  

I am not going to lie, if you want to train your puppy to be a well-behaved adult dog that is a joy to own or change your disobedient, out of control, dog’s behaviour you are going to need to put in the effort of practising what I will teach you. Training your dog to be your perfect companion will take time, dedication and a good dose of humour. 

Let me help you teach your dog to make the right choices in life, teaching him life skills he will need to gain confidence and become more than just any old dog, but your super dog, one that you are proud of to be seen out in public with.

From Pawdawan Puppy to Master Jedi, the Fun | Focus | Play® Training system, helps you teach your dog to become the upstanding canine citizen you always dreamt of.


The Fun | Focus | Play® Training System

What is it and why will it help me and my dog? 


Over the last 30 years of living with dogs, breeding Belgian Shepherd Groenendaels and competing in Obedience, Agility, Rally Obedience and Breed Showing, I have seen, experimented with and experienced a wide range of training techniques first hand. 

In my work as a dog trainer and as a qualified Dog Behaviourist I have developed an understanding of what techniques will work with different types of dogs, allowing me to pick and choose those methods that I have found work with the vast majority dogs that come to me for help. 

Over the years this has developed in the signature training system I now utilise when training dogs and teach dog owners how to train their canine companions.  

My signature Fun | Focus | Play® Training System, uses the most up to date reward-based training methods, like clicker training and concept training principles combined with the power of play to help you teach your dog to make the right choices every single time so you can say goodbye to those annoying behaviour problems and transform your dog into your dream companion. 

My training system makes training FUN for you and your dog by turning boring exercises into fun games that you play together. This ensures your dog will enjoy learning, allowing us to teach your dog specific concepts that will be more transferable to everyday situations that teaching static exercises that bear little relation to real life. By making the training fun we improve your dog’s FOCUS on you, because all the fun comes from you and not the environment. Finally by utilising PLAY as a training tool we improve short term retention of the skills taught, which then combined with short reward PLAY sessions help the dog retain the information for longer due to the positive experience of the training session.  

Another big part of the Fun | Focus | Play® Training System involves placing choice at the heart of your training. This allows me to be able to help you communicate more effectively with your dog and help you build an amazing bond and relationship with your dog that will be the envy of your neighbourhood. 

puppy play

Using the Fun | Focus | Play training system you will:

  1. Improve your relationship with your dog.
  2. Be able to communicate more effectively with your dog.
  3. Improve your dog’s focus on you.
  4. Teach skills through play, instead of boring exercise drills.
  5. Use a training method that is rewarding and fun for your dog, ensuring your dog will want to engage with you.
  6. Find transitioning the training easier from the training field to real-life situations. 

Who is this training for and what will we learn?

My training method is suitable for all dogs regardless of their breed, age or background. 

I offer 2 Puppy Courses for puppies from 10 weeks to 8 months old at the start of the course. For more information check out the Pawdawan Puppy Course and Rogue Puppy Course pages.

Adult dogs are welcome to join the Fun Focus Play Class held on Wednesday mornings at 10 am after passing a Fun | Focus | Play assessment to ensure they are able to cope in a group class setting.  

Please note that my group classes are not suitable for reactive dogs or dogs with behaviour problems. If your dog is reactive or has behavioural problems please have a look at my Behavioural Consultation page and contact me for information on how I can help you. 

Using my innovative Fun | Focus | Play® Training System you and your dog will learn together in a fun and informative way. I will teach you both the life skills that your puppy or older dog needs to learn to become an upstanding canine citizen.

During the group classes, you will learn: 

        • a reliable recall, so you can safely exercise your dog off lead in the country side. 

        • Loose lead walking, so you can enjoy stress-free, painless walks with your dog.

        • A solid stay, so you can trust your dog when it counts the most.

        • How to greet people and dogs, so you are not branded as the irresponsible dog owner by your fellow dog walkers.

        • How to be comfortable when groomed and handled, so grooming time and vets visits are stress-free and enjoyable for your dog.

        • Build a solid relationship with your dog, so you become the centre of their universe.

        • Bed and boundary games, so you can take your dog everywhere and know you won’t be embarrassed by your dog’s behaviour.

        • Impulse control, so your dog is laser-focused on you rather than every squirrel, rabbit or deer that crosses your path.  

        • and much more!

All our classes are held at:
Milborne St Andrew Sports Ground 

The Path From Pawdawan Puppy to Master Jedi Explained

Dogs over the age of 8 months will need to be assessed before being allowed to join our group classes.

Puppies up to the age of 5 months start here.

Wednesday’s 11:15 am

Whether you own a Rogue and Delinquent Puppy who needs the rule book throwing at them, or a Sweet and Adorable puppy that just needs some gentle guidance.

The Pawdawan Puppy Course is an 8 week puppy course designed to teach your puppy the skills she needs to learn to become well adjusted, confident young adult. 

By placing choice at the heart of your training we help you build an amazing bond and relationship with your puppy, that will be the envy of your neighbourhood and lasts for a lifetime.

Puppies over the age of 5 months start here.

Tuesday 10 am

Once your puppy has completed the 8-week Pawdawan Puppy Course, she will still need to learn some additional skills and strengthen the ones she gained in our puppy program. 

Our Rogue Puppy program is designed to take your confident puppy by the hand and guide her through the confusing adolescence stage. 

As she gains in confidence, she will start to push the boundaries during the adolescent period, and as a result, problem behaviours can crop up. However, I have your back and will guide you and your puppy through this development stage keeping any disruptions to a minimum by turning those distractions into strengths by placing them under your control.

Young dogs over the age of 8 months and rescue dogs start here.

Young adults and rescue dogs need training too and our Apprentice Program helps you ensure that the skills your puppy learned in the Pawdawan and Rogue Puppy Program are solidified. 

This is also the perfect place for your young adult or rescue dog to join my Fun | Focus | Playᵀᴹ training program. By concentrating on building confidence and optimism, and strengthening the skills your young or rescue dog has already learned we start to grow your bond with your dog whilst teaching her some cool new skills. 

By solidifying the learning that your dog has done up to this point we are making sure that this learning will stick for the life of your dog.

Jedi Program

Once your dog’s basic obedience skills are solidified we move on to the Jedi Program. Here we concentrate on teaching your dog a higher level of self-control and calmness. 

By teaching your dog true self-control she will be able to resist chasing after wildlife, joggers, other dogs etc. without you having to constantly tell her not to chase. By working on getting calm behaviours when at home and out and about, you will see a marked improvement in her behaviour. Your dog will be less distracted by the environment around her and more in tune with you.

Jedi Knight

Once your dog has completed the Jedi Program you will move on to join the Jedi Knights. 

Dogs joining the Jedi Knights have a good level of self-control and can maintain calm behaviours even when the excitement levels increase. But we are not going to rest on our laurels just yet as there is more that we can teach your dog. 

As a Jedi Knight, your dog will develop excellent self-control, a reliable racing recall, perfect lead walking skills and be able to respond to verbal cues and hand signals instantly. Jedi Knights will also develop a high level of off lead control so that off lead romps are a true worry-free delight for you both.

Jedi Master

When graduating from the Jedi Knight program your dog will become a Jedi Master.  The highest standard of self-control and a zen-master in all situations, this level will only be achieved by the dedicated few. Training your dog is a journey that has taken you both to a very high standard of obedience. But your journey doesn’t have to end here.

That is why we have a dedicated class for our Jedi Masters. This class helps you maintain your dog’s excellent behaviour and will keep your close bond with her special. 

As well as making sure that your dog remembers all that she has learned we also teach some cool tricks and have fun trying out different dog sports.

The Fun | Focus | Play® Gallery

showcasing some of our students

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