Date TBC 

Venue: Milborne St Andrew Sports Ground

Limited to 4 Handler and Dog Team places per session.

Cost £45 per dog and handler team

Are you looking for a fun dog sport to get involved in, but don’t want to do competitions?

Is your dog frightened of his own shadow and needs more confidence?

Would you like to give your dog more mental and physical stimulation, in a safe environment?

Then our Introduction to Hoopers Workshop will let you experience the fun and show you what Hoopers can do for you and your dog. 

During this workshop, we will teach you the basics and you will watch your dog gain confidence and have fun at the same time. 

What is Hoopers?

Hoopers is a low-impact fast-paced dog sport, which came over from the USA to the UK in 2017, this latest dog sport is taking the UK by storm. 

Hoopers is considered to be one of the most challenging dog sports, the handler’s job is to direct the dog around a fast-paced but flowing course of hoops, tunnels and barrels. The handler has the choice to either run with the dog or handles from a distance. In competition, distance handling will earn you extra points, but more skills are required to steer the dog around the course. 

Who can Play?

Any Dog Can Play, the smallest and biggest dogs can join in the fun. Canine Hoopers is an all-inclusive sport and caters for dogs and handlers of all abilities, including those less mobile.

What will Hoopers classes do for me and my dog?

You will learn how to control your dog off lead, making your walks together more enjoyable.

Your dog will learn self-control and enjoy the mental challenge.

Your dog will learn to focus and take direction from you.

But most important of all: 

You will have fun, training and playing with your dog.

Do I have to compete with my dog to join these classes?

No, to enjoy Hoopers you don’t need to compete. As a qualified Canine Hoopers World Instructor I am able to offer participation in the Canine Hoopers World Achievement Levels Programme. This programme allows us to monitor your progress and learning. There are currently 10 Levels to work towards and we have 30 more levels being worked on at the moment. 

What training methods are used to teach Hoopers? 

We teach the dogs to love going through the equipment using food or toys as your dogs reward for getting it right. 

By building up the value for each piece of equipment individually your dog soon learns that Hoopers is a fun game to play. 

Once your dog understands each piece of equipment we can start combining them into short sequences.  Slowly building up the distance and difficulty of the sequences. 

During this 2- hour workshop we start by introducing you and your dog to the equipment piece by piece, start combining them into short sequences until we are able to finish on a basic course, giving you a good understanding of what Hoopers is all about. 

At the end of the workshop you will be given the opportunity to sign up for our next Beginners Course. 

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