Does your puppy look like an angel, but act like a rogue and delinquent tearaway?

Do you despair and fear that your puppy will never learn how to behave?

Or is your puppy a Shrinking Violet that hides away, growls at other dogs and people, or lacks in confidence, leaving you worried about how she will turn out?

Using my innovative Fun | Focus | Playᵀᴹ method you and your puppy will learn together in a fun and informative way. I will teach you both the life skills that your puppy needs to learn to become a confident canine citizen.

During Pawdawan Puppy Program we will concentrate on: 

        • Building your puppy’s confidence, so she will be able to cope with whatever life throws at her. 

        • Getting a Reliable recall, so you can enjoy off lead walks in the knowledge that your puppy will always come back to you.

        • I will show you how to stop your puppy’s pulling so you can enjoy stress-free, painless walks with your pup.

        • How to greet people and dogs, so you no longer need to feel embarrassed by your ping-ponging, jumpy dog.

        • How to be comfortable when groomed and handled, so grooming time and vets visits are stress-free and enjoyable for your puppy. 

        • Settling at home and away, so you can relax when meeting your friends and family knowing that your puppy will be on her best behaviour no matter where you are.

        • Impulse control, by getting your puppy laser-focused on you instead of every bird, rabbit or dog that crosses your path.

Throughout the program, you will be building a fantastic bond with your new puppy that will be the envy of your neighbourhood.

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