Nightsabre Dog Training is proud to be able to offer a unique opportunity right here in Dorset.

Two Day Workshop

Date to be announced

9 a.m. – 5 p.m. on each day.

Presented by Alex Wilson, 
Tellington TTouch Practitioner (P2), Dog Trainer and Behaviour Consultant

Venue: To be confirmed

Want to know what TTouch is all about and how it can help you and your dog?

Watch this video where I interview Alex Wilson TTouch Practitioner (P2).

Does your dog BARK excessively?

Is your dog SHY or FEARFUL of strangers, human or canine?

Does your dog hate being touched or groomed?

Maybe your dog CHEWS himself or inappropriate objects?

Is your dog NERVOUS in new situations, SCARED of loud noises?

Do you want to be able to reassure your dog and create deeper bond? 

Discover how Tellington TTouch gives you the skills to resolve many of these problems

A calm, relaxed dog is easier to train and play with.

Tellington TTouch is a gentle training method that uses a system of circular movements of fingers and hands all over the dog’s body, similar to a gentle massage. It relaxes your dog and encourages cooperation and mutual respect between you and your dog.

But it’s not just a massage system as you’ll discover in this 2-day workshop

This positive approach to training improves performance and health and also helps in the treatment of physical and behavioural problems. 

TTouch helps you to build a deeper bond with your dog by increasing understanding of your dog’s emotional well being.
It encourages more effective communication. 

ACT NOW! Last time this course was taught in Dorset it sold out in just a few days!

Taking you from Zero to Hero

 No TTouch experience is necessary to take this course and it is suitable for pet owners, who wish to use TTouch with their own dogs, and those professionally involved with dogs, including trainers, vet nurses, dog walkers etc. 

TIP: Check if your professional body will accept this as part of your annual CPD

If a dog suffers from any of the following problems TTouch can help:

· Excessive Barking
· Inappropriate Chewing
· Extreme Fear and Shyness
· Jumping up at visitors

· Pulling on Lead
· Dislikes Being Groomed
· Nervousness and Excitability
· Car sickness
· Physical problems such as those associated with ageing

Limited to 12 participants (with or without your dog) this course will fill fast!

Because places are limited, and there are currently no plans to repeat this workshop in Dorset, you are urged to book your place quickly.

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