Motivational Reinforcement Strategies Workshop


Craig Ogilvie

24th July 2022

12.45 p.m. – 3:45 p.m.

Venue: Milborne St Andrew’s Sports Ground

Handler Tickets £110

Spectators £55

This 3 hr workshop is designed to help sports and working dog handlers to practically and effectively implement motivational reinforcement strategies into their specific field of training.

The focus is, adjusting and adapting your reinforcement strategies to suit the individual needs of the dog that you are working with to add the motivational edge to your training.

Are you Struggling with…

    • Motivation and Focus During Training?
    • Building Duration to your training session?

    • Maintaining Motivation in Competition or Working circumstances?

    • Deciding on the reinforcers that best suit your individual dogs?

    • Deciding at which times to alternate reinforcement strategies?

    • Escalating arousal when using particular reinforcers?

    • Transferring your dogs preferred reinforcers into training?

If so this workshop is for you!

I am completely obsessed with helping and motivating dog lovers all over the world to achieve their goals with their dogs as a team. I will show you how to take a little win away from every day and develop towards reaching your goals with your dog as a team.”

– Craig Ogilvie


About the Instructor

Internationally renowned seminar leader and author Craig Ogilvie is a highly experienced Certified Canine Behaviourist and Trainer, Police Dog Training Instructor and Mondioring Decoy (Licensed in France). Having spent a great deal of time training and testing working dogs in locations all over Europe, he very quickly went on to achieve unique accreditation. Craig is the first person from the U.K to be licensed to test and train dogs internationally in the working dog sport called Mondioring: which consists of Obedience, Agility and Criminal Apprehension.

Craig is one of the very few experienced and qualified Civilian Police Dog Training Instructors in the U.K. and has worked for the Police full time as a dog training instructor. He has delivered seminars to multiple police dog sections along with the U.K Military working dog teams.

Craig’s passion and study of dog behaviour and training led him to become a certified Canine Behaviourist and Trainer, with much of his time is focused on working around problematic behaviours in dogs, problem-solving, motivation and the power of positive reinforcement when working with dogs.  Craig’s journey has led to him helping dogs and people all over the world via seminars, workshops and online training for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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