No Pulling Allowed

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Does your dog’s constant pulling make your arms and shoulders hurt?

A pulling dog turns a pleasurable walk into a nightmare, leaving you feeling disappointed and exhausted. 

Being dragged from pillar to post by your dog can result in you losing your patience. You might feel like you’ve tried all the methods under the sun, but nothing has worked.

Would you like to transform your nightmare walks into pure pleasure?

Then check out my book “No Pulling Allowed: From Painfully Disappointing Drag to Delightfully Relaxing Stroll”.

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Turn your dragging dog into a patient pooch and banish shoulder-wrenching walks for good.
Do you dread walking your dog because you’re fighting her every step of the way?
If you’re frustrated because nothing seems to stop your dog pulling, there’s good news: you can put those nightmare walks firmly in the past.
No Pulling Allowed shows you how to transform wearisome walks into pure pleasure using Natasja’s exclusive and carefully designed Fun | Focus | PlayTM training system.

Natasja explains it all so you can:
• Banish the pain with simple, bite-sized lead walk training sessions, so you see progress – fast.
• Guarantee a delightful walk by becoming a zen-master of calm.
• Discover the truth about equipment: what does and doesn’t work.
• Change your dog’s focus and become the centre of her universe – banish those arm-jerking walks.

This book shows you how to teach your dog to walk calmly with you whenever you are out – building a lifelong bond that affects all of your dog’s behaviour. Improved walking skills are just the start.

Natasja Lewis DipCABT is a straight-talking, experienced Canine Development Coach who gets results – fast. Her ‘No Jargon’ approach to dog training is refreshing and easy to understand.

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