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Whether you own a delinquent young rascal or troublesome adult dog our group classes are designed to help you overcome a wide variety of problem behaviours that you might be experiencing with your dog. To ensure that your dog is able to cope and thrive in a group class we assess dogs over the age of 8 months, before allowing them to join our group classes.

Using my signature Fun Focus Play® Training System, which uses the most up to date reward-based training methods and the power of play I can help you transform your dog into your dream dog. By placing choice at the heart of your training I help you build an amazing bond and relationship with your dog that will be the envy of your neighbourhood.

​Please note that our regular group classes are not suitable for reactive dogs or dogs with behaviour problems. If your dog is reactive or has behavioural problems please book a Behavioural Consultation so that I can help you, initially on a one to one basis.

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Would you like to join one of our group dog training sessions, but your dog is over the age of 8 months?  Then you need to book a Fun Focus Play® Assessment before you will be allowed to join in our regular sessions.

The Fun | Focus | Play® Assessments are held in the comfort of your home or via Zoom and allow us to observe your dog in the home environment so we can tackle any issues that you might be experiencing in your everyday life together.

Each assessment is based on a three 3 steps procedure that is designed to give me a good idea of the problems you are experiencing so that I can tailor my recommendations to your individual situation. Our Fun | Focus | Play® Assessments are 90-minute appointments.

Step 1.  Fact-Finding (Approx 30 minutes).

Here we discuss the issues you are experiencing with your dog in great detail, allowing me to get a better understanding of the problems and form a plan of how I will be able to help you improve your dog’s behaviours.

Step 2. Observations (Approx 30 minutes).

This is the practical observation part of the assessment. During this part, we take the dogs out so that I can observe their behaviour on a walk, see how they react to environmental distractions and other people/ dogs and put in place some initial management to reduce the problem behaviour from occurring if needed.

Step 3. Foundation Training (Approx 30 minutes).

During this last part of the assessment, I will teach you and your dogs a few foundation exercises so that we can start your dog’s transformation straight away.


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