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No matter how hard we try to build a relationship with our dogs and cats, sometimes things just go wrong and our beloved pets develop a behavioural problem. Once these behaviours become a problem the joys of owning a pet is often lost and the relationship with your dog or cat becomes strained. In these circumstances, it is important to seek help from a suitably qualified Companion Animal Behaviourist to help you put your relationship back on track.

The first step should always be to have your vet check out your pet for any underlying medical problems that could be causing the behaviour.

I follow the EMRA Approach, which is a truly holistic approach, looking at the whole dog to find a solution to the problems presenting themselves and not just fire fighting the behaviour without taking a look at the whole dog and the environment he or she lives in. I do not just offer a behavioural consultation but will work closely with you throughout the treatment process to resolve the issues you are experiencing with your pet.

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