Episode 37 – The Play Master: Craig Ogilvie The Fun | Focus | Play Podcast

In today's episode, Natasja is joined by the Play Master himself: Craig Ogilvie. Craig is the Author of The Interactive Play Guide and together they have a chat about importance of using play to build and maintain your bond with your dog as well as touching on how to use play as an effective reward in your training.So pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of your favourite hot drink and discover all there is to know about Interactive Play and find out how to use play to help you train your dog. As a special treat there is even a video version of this podcast episode on the Nightsabre Dog Training YouTube channel head here to check it out.Subscribe to The Fun Focus Play Podcast on I-Tunes, Stitcher Radio, or wherever else you stumbled across it. Share the podcast on Social Media and leave us a nice review.Want to find out more about Craig and his business Craig Ogilvie Dog TrainingYou can find the Interactive Play Guide on AmazonYou can discover more on the training classes offered by Natasja Lewis here:Training Classes in DorsetOnline training coursesNatasja's Book on the No Pulling Allowed websiteNo Pulling Allowed on AmazonIntro and outro music by Joseph McDade 
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