Are you fed up of your dog dragging you from pillar to post, leaving you frustrated and disappointed, because nothing you have tried has worked?

Would you like to learn how to get your dog to walk with you, instead of dragging you from back and forth?

If frustration is making you feel stressed and what is supposed to be a fun walk for you both turns into a nightmare.

If you want to turn your dragging dog into a patient pooch and banish those shoulder-wrenching walks for good.

Then I have some good news, you can fix this problem pulling with my proven Fun Focus Play ® Training System

Using my signature Fun | Focus | Play® Training System I have taught hundreds of dogs to walk nicely on a lead. 

  • I will show you how to stop your dog’s pulling so that you can enjoy stress-free, painless walks with your dog.
  • Immediately improve your walk by getting your dog laser-focused on you instead of every bird, squirrel or dog that crosses your path. 
  • Help you fix the mistakes you are making with your dog so that you can start relaxing and enjoying your time together. 

All dogs over the age of 8 months joining the Fun | Focus | Play® Class need to be assessed for suitability prior to being allowed to join in our group classes.

Whether you own a delinquent puppy, a young rascal or troublesome adult dog our Fun | Focus | Play ® classes are designed to help you transform your dragging dog into a patient pooch and bring the joy back on your daily walks. Using my proven Fun | Focus | Play® Training system which is based on the most up to date reward-based training methods combined with the power of play I can help you transform your dog into your dream dog. By placing choice at the heart of your training I help you build an amazing bond and relationship with your best friend that will be the envy of your neighbourhood.

The Fun | Focus | Play classes are open to puppies from the age of 8 months and older dogs.

Please note that these classes are not suitable for reactive dogs or dogs with behaviour problems. If your dog is reactive or has behavioural problems please contact me for information on how I can help you. 

Using my innovative Fun | Focus | Play® Training system you and your dog will learn together in a fun and informative way. I will teach you both the skills that your dog needs to learn to become an upstanding canine citizen.

The Fun | Focus | Play Classes are ongoing classes, which you can join, after passing the initial assessment, at your convenience (subject to availability).

All our regular classes are held at:

Milborne St Andrew Sports Ground

What our clients are saying

Natasja's Awesome.
I've finally found a dog trainer that understands a dog's needs and does it in such a fun way that everyone can enjoy.. my dog is now engaged in her training. She speaks in a way even kids can understand. Can't wait for my next session..
Liz Boyes
& Gwen
"Natasja is an utter superstar! She is patient, positive, supportive and her expertise invaluable. She has equipped me with the training to help change my dog's life, and mine! Her method of using positively reinforced games is very effective...and great fun! Thank you for putting up with nutty me and goofy Gelder."
Helen Ward
& Gelder
“We’ve seen enormous improvements in Luka’s behaviour and lead walking over the past ten weeks and wish to thank you and Wendy for all your patience and guidance.”
Michael Airey

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